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Knock Knock Who's there ! Brother ! Brother who ? Brother-ation, I've forgotten your name !

Big Brother: That planet over there is Mars. Little Brother: Then that other one must be Pa's.

Why did your sister jump out the window ? Because she wanted to try out her new spring suit

First Boy: Why is your brother always flying off the handle ? Second Boy: Because he's got a screw loose !

'What's your father's occupation?' asked the school secretary on the first day of the new academic year. 'He's a conjurer, Ma'am,' said the new boy. 'How interesting. What's his favourite trick?' 'He saws people in half.' 'Gosh! now, next question. Any brothers or sisters?' 'One half brother and two half sisters.'

Teacher: What's this a picture of ? Class: Don't know, Miss. Teacher: It's a kangaroo. Class: What's a kangaroo, miss ? Teacher: A kangaroo is a native of Australia. Smallest boy: Wow, my sister's married one of them

Brother: Which is farther away- NY City or the moon? Sister: NY City. Why do ask? Brother: Well, I can see the moon, but I can't see NY City.

My brother's just opened a shop. Really? How's he doing? Six months. He opened it with a crowbar.

Mum: Why does your little brother jump up and down before taking his medicine? Boy: Because he read the label, and it said 'shake well before using.'

A scoutmaster asked one of his troop what good deed he had done for the day. 'Well,' said the Scout. 'Mum had only one dose of castor oil left, so I let my baby brother have it.'

Peter: My brother wants to work badly! Anita: As I remember, he usually does !

My brother's one of the biggest stickup men in town. Gosh is he really? Yes, he's a six-foot-six billposter.

How do you know if your little brother is turning into a fridge ? See if a little light come on whenever he opens his mouth !

Michael: It's hard for my sister to eat. Maureen: Why ? Michael: She can't bear to stop talking.

Mother: Jared, get your little sister's hat out of that puddle. Jared: I can't mum, she's got it strapped too tight under her chin!

Dan: My little brother is a real pain. Nan: Things could be worse. Dan: How? Nan: He could be twins !

Dad: Don't be selfish. Let your brother use the sled half the time. Son: I do, Dad. I use it going down the hill and he gets to use it coming up!

Why does your sister have yeast and shoe polish for breakfast ? Because she wants to rise and shine.

My sister is so dim she thinks that a cartoon is a song you sing in a car.

Sister: Mom wants you to come in and help fix dinner. Brother: Why? Is it broken?

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