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What do they call a meeting among the most brilliant people in Burger Land? A MEATing of the minds!

How did the jury find the hamburger? Grill-ty as charred!

Where does a burger feel at home? On the range!

Why do burgers run the gauntlet? To test their meattle!

Who are the hamburgers favourite people? Vegetarians!

How do we know that hamburgers love classic music? They're often found at the Meatropolitan Opera House and Cownegie Hall!

Which cheeseburger makes a big hit in baseball? A double!

Which of our meaty friends are into astrology? Those that are born under the sign of the Ham!

Who was the burger's favourite all-time movie director? Sizzle B. DeMille!

Name two tennis stars who are famous in the hamburger world? Bjorn Borger and Billie Jean-o's Burger King!

Which people do the burgers hate? The ones who are always putting the bite on them!

Are hamburgers male? Yes, because they're boygers, not girlgers!

What can you say about Ham Burger and Chief Justice Warren Burger? Ham Burger is 'well done' and Chief Justice Warren Burger has 'done well'!

Why do hamburgers feel sad at barbecues? They get to meet their old flames!

What did they call it when NHL officials refused to allow a hamburger to play hockey in the league? Rink injustice!

Which burgers are dishonest? Cat-burgers! (burglars)

What song do burgers sing on the job? Gristle While You Work!

Can a hamburger marry a hot dog? Only if they have a very frank relationship!

Who do hamburgers love on TV? Archie Bunker's son-in-law, the meathead!

How do we know hamburgers have high IQ's? They 'loin' fast!

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