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Why don't dinosaurs take ballet lessons? They outgrew their leotards.

Why do dinosaurs climb trees? There's nothing else to climb in the jungle.

Q: What do you get when you put a bomb and a dinosaur together? A: Dino-mite.

Q: What did the dinosaur say when he saw the volcano explode? A: What a lavaly day!

Q: What do you call a Blind Dinosaur's Dog? A: Do-ya-think-he-saurus-rex.

What are prehistoric monsters called when they sleep ? A dinosnore !

How can you tell a male dinosaur from a female dinosaur? Ask it a question. If he answers, it's a male; if she answers, it's female.

Q: Why did the Apatosaurus devour the factory? A: Because she was a plant eater!

Why is it dangerous to go into the jungle between two and four in the afternoon? That's when dinosaurs are jumping out of palm trees.

What did you call a dinosaur that keeps you awake at night ? Bronto-snore-us !

Q: What do you call a Blind Dinosaur? A: Do-ya-think-he-saurus.

Q: What's green and purple and goes up and down? A: Barney in an elevator.

Q: Why didn't the T-rex skeleton attack the museum visitors? A: Because she had no guts!

Q: Why did the dinosaur cross the road? A: Because the chicken wasn't invented yet.

Q5: How do you ask a dinosaur to lunch? A: Tea Rex?

Q4: What is the head of an Italian dinosaur family called? A: Ptera Don

Q: What dinosaur would you find in a rodeo? A: Bronco-saurus!

What would you get if you crossed a dinosaur with a pig? Jurassic pork!

What's red on the outside and green on the inside? A dinosaur wearing red pajamas.

Q2: What kind of materials do dinosaurs use for the floor of their homes? A: Rep Tiles

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