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Where do ghoulies go to on the day before Halloween party? To the boo-ty parlour.

What do rednecks do on Halloween? Pump-kin!

Why aren't burgers the least bit scared of Halloween? They're used to people 'goblin' them!

What kind of make up was the girl wearing on Halloween? Mash-scara!

What would you get if you crossed Halloween with Christmas? A ghoul Yule!

Why were the trick-or-treaters wearing grass skirts? Because it was Hulaween!

What is a childs's favourite type of Halloween candy? Lots a candy.

A boy went to a Halloween party with a sheet over his head. 'Are you here as a ghost ?' asked his friends 'No, I'm an undercover agent".

Why is the air so clean and healthy on Halloween? Because so many witches are sweeping the sky.

Who turns the lights off at halloween ? The light's witch !

What did the really ugly man do for a living? He posed for Halloween masks.

Where's the most dangerous place to go trick-or-treating? On the psycho path!

Q: What do little trees say on Halloween? A: Twig or treat.

What happened to the girl who wore a mouse costume to her Halloween party? The cat ate her.

What do witches eat at Halloween? Spook-etti, Halloweenies, Devil's food cake and Boo-berry pie.

A Toledo man was admitted to the city hospital last night with severe burns after dunking for French fries at a Halloween party.

What would you get if you crossed Halloween with Independence Day? The Fourth of Ghoul-ly!

What do stupid kids do at Halloween ? They carve a face on an apple and go bobbing for pumpkins !

A boy went to a Halloween party with a sheet over his head. "Are you here as a ghost?" asked his friends. "No," he replied, "I'm an unmade bed." Another boy wore a sheet over his head. "Are you an unmade bed?" asked his friends. "No, I'm an undercover agent," he replied.

Why was the boy unhappy to win the prize for the best costume at the Halloween party? Because he just came to pick up his little sister.

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