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How did the instructor try to make horse riding enjoyable? He tried to stirrup some interest!

What did the city worker say after his first ever pony trek? I never knew anything stuffed with hay could be so hard!

Did you hear about the aristocratic horse? He was the last of his race!

What happened to the horse that swallowed a dollar bill? It bucked!

Who did the breeder call when his horse was possessed by an evil spirit? An exhorsist!

A mean horseman went into a saddler's shop and asked for one spur. "One spur?" asked the saddler. "Surely you mean a pair of spurs, sir?" "No, just one," replied the horseman. "If I can get one side of the horse to go, the other side is bound to come with it!"

Why are chorus girls like barge horses? They have to tow the line!

What is a horses favourite kind of party? A stall ball.

Why did the boy stand behind the horse? He thought he might get a kick out of it!

What did the horse say to whinnie the pooh while watching his t.v. show? I wish I could hear you whinnie.

Did you hear about the man who named his horse Radish?

Why was Teddy Roosevelt mean to horses? He was a rough rider!

What has four legs and see just as well from either end? A horse with his eyes closed!

What is the strongest animal? A racehorse, because it can take hundreds of people for a ride at once!

What's another name for an assistant stable cleaner? A co-pile-it!

How do you hire a horse? Put a brick under each hoof!

What is a thespian pony? A little horse play!

How much money did the bronco have? Only a buck!

Have you read the book, "100-mile Horse Trek" Who wrote it? Major Bumsore

Did you find my horse well behaved? Indeed, whenever we came to a fence he let me over first!

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