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Why did the big pig want to go on stage? There was a lot of ham in him.

What do little pigs want to be when they grow up? Garbage collectors.

What did the pig do when a beetle landed in his feed trough? He ate it quickly, before the others could ask him to share.

Why did the pig go to the casino ? To play the slop machine !

Why didn't the pigs eat the rotten eggs in their feed trough? They were saving the best for last.

What world athletic sporting event is held every four years? The Olympigs!

Where is the most open green space in New York City? Central Pork

What do hip pigs call their ladies? Fine swine.

Mama Pig has a great, new kitchen appliance that lets her prepare meals ahead. It's called a garbage compactor.

The kids are crazy about a new piglet toy. When they wind it up, it eats all the spinach off their plates.

Where did the piglets study their ABC's? At a school for higher loining.

What goes "knio, knio?" A backward pig.

Why are pigs such early risers? Did you ever try to shut off a rooster?

Pig's explanation for the creation of the Universe: The Pig Bang Theory.

A pig's favorite movie: The Monster That Ate New York.

If an elephant is the symbol of the Republican Party and a donkey is the symbol of the Democratic Party, what is a pig the symbol of? Any party where there's lots of food.

Which of these jokes do the pigs like best? The corniest ones.

Name the pig's favorite Shakespeare play. Hamlet.

What do you call the story of The Three Little Pigs? A pig tail!

What do you get when you cross a pig with a canary? I don't know, but when it sits on your electric wire and sings, all your lights go out

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