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Rectangle Road

Rectangle Road is known for its high speed traffic valuable gold coins The gold is always on the most dangerous lane but well worth the risk rnrn Move your mouse anywhere on the screen and your car will follow your movement rnrn The game is easy to pickup but needs skilled and precise handling in order to reach a high score rnrn The higher your level the more coins and rectangles on the road the faster rectangles will drive rnrn Collect all the coins to maintain your combo bonus rnrn The name Rectangle Road comes from an earlier version rnyou ll get it ones you see the old trailer http goo gl 0zCTwurnrn The Android version has way more intuitive controls much more detailed graphics rn Get the app here http goo gl b9n6W3

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Boorish Monster World

This is a tricky shooting game in which you need to destroy all monsters appearing on the screen For each level you will get fixed amount The amount will be reduced each time you shoot a missile When a monster kills you will get some reward money You must complete a level before your money finishes Use less missiles to get more score points You can shoot a missile using the mouse

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Lake Fishing

Realistic fishing on the Forest Lake Playing in this game you can fully relax and enjoy

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Awesome run

World championship started Create your runner buy new sneakers beat world records getting on the first place in a secret list of the best runners Here is the whole world and dozens of amazing races Be careful you will find many dangers for example Cock a boxer bull on a skateboard air strike air and more

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A rather short puzzle platformer game made in under a week Contains a few parts where precise controls are needed but meh Several parts are rushed due to deadlines e g fonts level design etc Arrows to move z to jump x to switch partner I hope you enjoy and Happy Halloween

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The Bee Candy Crush

Matching3 flash puzzle game You have got 2 minutes to crush as many candys as possible

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Hungry Fish

Eat the small red fish avoid the bigger fish and avoid the sinking pianos

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You play as the bravest ball which is not afraid anything There will many obstacles and evel monsters on his way All will try to stop him In this game a lot of logical problem You have to move blocks that you be able to go There are 29 level in this game At the end of the game you will need to defeat the evilest monster rnGenre action puzzlernControls mouse and or W A S D

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Evil Dr TNT stole all stars from the sky and mine them Your task is to demine mechanism and save stars Be careful dr TNT is very cunning Genre puzzlernControls mouse

Facebook Twitter Play Sapper Game

Mahjong in the Garden

It is a board game in which you have to remove all the items with 3 rules 1 You can remove 2 Items at a time 2 Both Items must be identical 3 Either 2 adjacent sides of both items must be open

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p UPDATE March 2014 The game already has a primary sponsor but sitelock bids are still welcomed This latest update has just replaced MochiAds with FGL Ads and made some small changes to menus and ambience Also exported to latest flash player for slightly better performance p p UPDATE way back nbsp Players can now select difficulty on the level selection screen nbsp Due to feedback on the game I ve uploaded a new version with both a Normal and a Hard game mode to cater to both the casual newcomer to the genre and gamers looking for more intense challenge Difficulty only influences the gravity and control of the ship not the level designs enemy stats or other factors p p p p Distress call from our exoplanetary mining station Obsidian XII we re sending you the best fighter pilot in the Galaxy to investigate Long range scans indicate a severe systems failure so be prepared for anything p p SpaceMadness is more than a stylish retro tribute to the cave flyer genre it is a full game by itself with carefully crafted levels music art and assets p p Each of the 32 levels introduce a new gameplay element so there s plenty of surprise progress and variation to keep you playing Similarly the tilesets change every 4 levels taking the player through diverse environments space station ore processing facility mine shafts ancient underground alien structure and 4 alien worlds each with their own decorations structures enemies and challenge types nbsp p p The music has been composed especially for SpaceMadness by Dave Cowen who normally does music for Nitrome and the graphics have been retouched by pixelart wizard Sergey Arseniev p p SpaceMadness uses FGLAds pre game ad and GamerSafe to sell players cannon and shield upgrades as well as a level pack containing the last 16 levels nbsp p

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Frozen Elsa Makeup

Princess Elsa is getting ready for coronation day and she s feeling nervous about her performance For one day the gates to Arendelle will open up so that townspeople from the neighboring kingdoms can witness Elsa being crowned queen This day will be going down in history so Elsa wants to look her best when she takes the throne With so much to do and so little time Elsa could really use some help getting ready so she can continue to practice her speech Browse the wide selection of glamorous clothes elegant accessories regal hairstyles and more to create a memorable look for Elsa s coronation day in this fun online dress up game for girls

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Elsa is going to prom She s never been to a dance before and she s totally excited and nervous She has no idea what to wear She has had a ton of icy blue gowns delivered to her home so she can try them on Mix and match the tops and bottoms for a truly unique look Be Elsa s style guide for her prom and choose the best outfit accessories and hairstyle Have fun playing frozen dress up games with sky breeze

Facebook Twitter Play ElsaProm Game

Baby Elsa Bathing

Have you ever imagined how Queen Elsa of Arrendale looked as a baby Well here she is Meet baby Elsa She s getting ready to go play with her friends in the palace First care for her by giving her a bath then dress her up in adorable royal outfits Have fun playing caring games with sky breeze

Facebook Twitter Play Baby Elsa Bathing Game


Anna loves to play in Elsa s closet and try on all her gowns Today she s got a date with Kristoff so Elsa said she could borrow one Will she choose something short and frilly Or long and glamorous You decide Have fun playing frozen dress up games

Facebook Twitter Play AnnaPrincessGowns Game

Anna \'s Makeup

Anna is finally out of the castle gates and is loving her new found freedom She s going out with a handsome prince tonight and she s almost forgotten how to do her makeup She s asked you to help her get ready Can you be her stylist for the day Have fun playing Frozen dress up games with sky breeze

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SL Duck Shoot

p Shoot the Ducks Shooting Gallery br Fairground Attraction p br p Arrows Fly Left and Right br 5 Lives Lost Game Over br Spacebar or Mouse New Game p

Facebook Twitter Play SL Duck Shoot Game


Collect treasures in the caribbean but watch out for pirates

Facebook Twitter Play Piratos Game

Oddball's Escape 3

You escaped the Fair Grounds but unfortunately fell asleep in the truck you left in Waking up you find yourself in yet another unfamiliar place Try to escape Home may be closer than you think

Facebook Twitter Play Oddball's Escape 3 Game

Monster Revenge

Who will win Smileys or Monsters Click a Smiley and place it in accessible cell All neighbour Monsters become good Smileys But the next step will be their br You task is to transform as many monsters as you can in good boys

Facebook Twitter Play Monster Revenge Game

Small Town Racing

The annual racing competition has just started in this small town Everyone is excited about the speed rush And you compete for your town Everyone home is counting on you so make them proud Have fun

Facebook Twitter Play Small Town Racing Game

Kiss the Asphalt

Drive like a maniac in the streets of manhattan and claim the street king title in the online world

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p p br p Tap on enemies faces to punch them p br p They punch you back after a short delay p br p Gain experience points by defeating them and spend them to increase certain attributes of your character p br p 3 game modes p br p Campaign mode where you must beat 50 characters to end the game p br p Custom mode where you can customize a face to beat p br p Endless Mode same as campaign but without a level cap You must beat Campaign mode to unlock this one p

Facebook Twitter Play Punchifier Game

Water Cooler Idle

Too busy or lazy to socialize in real life This is the game for you Watch as your simple jug of water grows into a bustling social hotspot in this amazing idle thriller

Facebook Twitter Play Water Cooler Idle Game

Solitaire TriPeaks

p Challenge your card skills in this exciting Solitaire card game with 3 difficulty levels TriPeaks is a popular version similar to Golf and Pyramid Solitaire games Your goal is to clear the game board by combining the cards into a sequence and moving them from the tableau to the foundation The longer those card sequences are the more points you will get The order of cards is continuous 4 3 2 Ace King Queen Jack br Have fun br br p

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SL Tank Patrol

p SL Tank Patrol br Shoot the Tanks br Before they Shoot At Finn the Dragon br Arrows Move br Spacebar Fire br Tanks 50 br Mouse Start br 5 Heli Hits Game Over p

Facebook Twitter Play SL Tank Patrol Game

Spectromancer Gathering of Power

In Spectromancer an online fantasy card game players participate in a magical duel against other mages by strategically summoning creatures and casting spells Each mage uses five magical elements during a duel Fire Water Air and Earth plus a fifth related to the specific mage type Players are able to duel against the computer or against other online players live What is new 1 About 50 new cards along with 4 special classes a Warrior Priest b Vampire Lord c Cultist d Golem Master 2 12 New Arena introduced first time in this game 3 Hot duel custom decks and different rules 4 Improved sound tracks effects 5 New improved graphics I Hope you will like this a lot

Facebook Twitter Play Spectromancer Gathering of Power Game

Conchita Wurst Dress Up Game

Now everybody knows Conchita Wurst Being the first bearded woman in the world she has won the Eurovision 2014 competition with her beautiful song Rise like a rnrnPhoenix rnrnMix and match her clothes till Conchita looks like a diva

Facebook Twitter Play Conchita Wurst Dress Up Game Game


Avoid to crash into other cars as long as possible br br Cars running out of the play area will move in at the opposite side br Ennemy cars don t crash

Facebook Twitter Play Anti-Crash Game

Snake and Zombies

It a simple defense game In this game you need to operate a snake with mouse for 2 purposes br 1 Let the snake alive br 2 Kill the zombies to protect the treasures br The main thing to note is to operate snake carefully It should not collide with walls br You will find some more tips in the game

Facebook Twitter Play Snake and Zombies Game

Dkicker 2 World Cup

Special version of Dkicker 2 football game dedicated to World Cup 2014 Move your player with mouse to the left and right and kick in the right moment You know the rules enjoy

Facebook Twitter Play Dkicker 2 World Cup Game

Ninja CC

Created originally as a tutorial for the How to Cheat in Flash CC book by Chris Georgenes Ninja CC is a fun and quick game with two modes Book mode is the exact Ninja sword slashing game that you can create yourself following the tutorial in the book Bunny mode adds some adorable but explosive bunnies into the mix along with online highscores br br In each mode you have 99 seconds to take out as many enemy Ninjas as you can getting bonus combo points for attacking multiple Ninjas at once br br Armed with cute but deadly explosive bunnies see how much damage you can cause in Bunny mode and make a name for yourself on the high scores Be warned though those bunnies aren t picky as to who they will explode on br br Also available free on Apple and Google Play App stores

Facebook Twitter Play Ninja CC Game

Multishop Tycoon

Ever think you re a sales and marketing expert Prove and show your skill in this tycoon game Lots of quests and tons of upgrades await rnrnThis game simulates the sales on the real world also implements Artificial Intelligence for the customer buying system and their interest to each goods depend on the price type environment marketing level and company branding rn There are 12 levels consist of 40 quests After the player completed all quests the Sprint Mode will be unlockedrn There are 40 types of goods with varied adjustable pricern There are 5 types of stands with 7 varied colors and 18 different sellersrn There are 5 types of environments 15 upgrades on the Company Office 20 achievements on the Hall of Fame also 4 buildings on the Town Center with its unique functionality etc

Facebook Twitter Play Multishop Tycoon Game

Biker in 1680

Make the Medieval period to one big party by killing knights and archers with your bike

Facebook Twitter Play Biker in 1680 Game

Flavor Split

Recognize the right moment and gain as much ice cream as possible by splitting the flavors frame But pay attention to the ingredients buzzing around You need to isolate these and protect them against contamination br br Flavor Split provides 40 levels and depending on taste and skill a playing time of 40 to 60 minutes br br br How to play br br Simply place the mouse anywhere within the flavors frame hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse briefly in a direction of your choice

Facebook Twitter Play Flavor Split Game

Dodgy Platforms Egypt

This is a simple defense game where you need to move the dodgy platforms to save the masks On each successfully saved mask you will earn some score points Try to save maximum number of faces to get you in top 20 scorer list

Facebook Twitter Play Dodgy Platforms Egypt Game

Basketball Classic

This is a simple Basketball game In it you need to put the ball in moving baskets The moving baskets come from left to right or right to left with different speeds The ball can be launched just by clicking anywhere in the screen br The launcher cannon will also move with mouse br There will be 3 different modes in this game br 1 League match will be 1 to 1 duel where you need to achieve target score br 2 Tournament mode In this 4 6 or 8 team can be participate Each match you earn some points Try to earn maximum points than all opponents to win this mode br 3 Knockout Mode In this mode you will be able to put the balls inside basket until a ball falls on ground br

Facebook Twitter Play Basketball Classic Game

Candy Match Crush

You have 100 seconds to match the same sweets by dragging over them Longer the chain higher the score rnrnEat them all now

Facebook Twitter Play Candy Match Crush Game

Urban Moto Trial

Live dangerously get your dirt bike and compete in this moto trial challenge Lots of ramps and obstacles like barrels crates and car tires It sure is entertaining watching but do you have the guts to actually participate in such competitions Let s see

Facebook Twitter Play Urban Moto Trial Game

Candy Unstoppable

p One of a kind Match Three Balls with physics Very addicting and challenging gameplay with increasing difficulty br Remove balls by clicking so you can match 3 or more of the same color p

Facebook Twitter Play Candy Unstoppable Game

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