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Pumpkin Head Rider

Its Halloween and everyone is out to get their treats Race through the town scaring off the kids and taking all the sweets in your choice of vehicle

Facebook Twitter Play Pumpkin Head Rider Game

Maximum Frustration

A simple platform game which is designed to increase your frustration level Pass all of the 15 levels Good luck and don t break your keyboard because of anger

Facebook Twitter Play Maximum Frustration Game

Amy Autopsy

Amy Autopsy with Dr House has you looking for clues to figure out the cause of death Use various tools such as the scalpel scissors needles even an industrial saw What will you find Play the game to find out

Facebook Twitter Play Amy Autopsy Game

Sparklefart ChooChoo

Light up your targets with carefully planned shots to advance through 30 amazing levels Did I mention you have to shoot your bullets through obnoxious fart gas first Watch out for Hooch Fairies They re hungover your targets are far too bright for them and they want to sleep in br Sponsored by Vabolt a href http www vabolt com target _blank Free Games a

Facebook Twitter Play Sparklefart ChooChoo Game

Blackjack: 21 Classic

press get a card until you get most near or equal to 21 so press check and pray

Facebook Twitter Play Blackjack: 21 Classic Game

Horror Moles

Horror Moles is an action shooting game with two different game modes r n r nStory Mode Survive from midnight to dawn earn money and buy items and upgrades from shop r nDistance Mode Survive as long as you can submit your score and see your position on the leaderboard

Facebook Twitter Play Horror Moles Game

Beautiful Bedroom Bride

Like most girls Caroline is looking forwards to wearing her beautiful wedding dress and having a romantic wedding Her dream comes true She is now in her bedroom trying on beautiful wedding dresses to design her wedding pose Good wedding designer come to dress her She is the most graceful wedding bride

Facebook Twitter Play Beautiful Bedroom Bride Game

Baby Ada bubbles

Play with those colorful bubbles They will bring you a lot of fun

Facebook Twitter Play Baby Ada bubbles Game

Party Time

Dress up this young girl to attend the grand party with her boyfriend Help her to appear a stylish coupe in this party

Facebook Twitter Play Party Time Game

Caramel Decoration

Katie s best friend Marla is having her birthday next week and Katie decided to throw a surprise birthday party for Marla She loves to be surprise for sure is going to be the best birthday party Can you help Katie to bake a special Caramel cake and decorate in very special way Let your imagination fly and create a very delicious Caramel cake Have fun

Facebook Twitter Play Caramel Decoration Game

Boodoo Escape Laboratory

Boodoo in new adventure game Escape from lab to complete level You have limited time to escape from lab Click exact r nbutton to unlock your way to exit Use mouse to click and arrow keys to move r n

Facebook Twitter Play Boodoo Escape Laboratory Game

Hidden Objects Decay City

Hidden Objects Decay City is a point and click hidden objects game It s the time to use your observing skills to discover the hidden objects Find the hidden objects within the given time 3 minutes Click the Hint button for help and P button for pause Avoid clicking unnecessarily as otherwise your score will get reduced

Facebook Twitter Play Hidden Objects Decay City Game

Sieged 2!

Your castle is under siege Use your brain and everything else to stop the enemies in this amazing funny physics based puzzle with nice graphics and exclusive music

Facebook Twitter Play Sieged 2! Game

Extreme Skiing

Extreme skiing is an exciting sport Try this game it will make you feel excited just as the real skiing

Facebook Twitter Play Extreme Skiing Game

Medieval Escape 11

Medieval Escape 11 is a point and click escape game developed by Adham Jaber and sponsored by Cafe Cafe Games r nYou are trapped in a Medieval Castle and you need to find objects and clues in order to escape

Facebook Twitter Play Medieval Escape 11 Game

Pumpkin matcher

p Pumpkin matcher is a great seasonal match 3 game Match all the different colored pumpkins to score points p br p Your goal is to clear all pumpkins from the screen Do this by matching 3 or more pumpkins of the same color You add pumpkins by shooting them from the top If you fail to match enough pumpkins more pumpkins are add to the field The game ends when the pumpkins reach the top or all pumpkins are cleared Try to set the highscore p

Facebook Twitter Play Pumpkin matcher Game

Blob Drop

You re a blob And you need to drop It s called Blob Drop for that very reason Probably the best blob dropping game ever made

Facebook Twitter Play Blob Drop Game

Mementos of Closeness

From Inverness to Penzance In parks on beaches in gardens and around the towns people are experiencing moments of closeness every day It s up to you to catalogue and collect those moments in this engrossing hidden object game r n r nCompete for high scores and win some great Nivea freebies as you fill your scrapbook in search of that perfect moment

Facebook Twitter Play Mementos of Closeness Game

Lisa Fruit Shop

After the fabulous success that Lisa had with her restaurant Lisa Food Shop Lisa thought to expand her business and a great idea became reality Lisa Fruit Shop r nLisa has a very stylish tastes and thought of all her elegant and fashionable girlfriends who go to market every morning and look for fresh fruits r n r nWith a chic design Lisa Fruit Shop awaits its customers with the freshest fruits every day r n r nNow we invite you to help Lisa to serve their customers because everything should be perfect and business to be a great success Serve customers what they are ordered whether there is plums grapes oranges or apples all customers should receive their ordered fruits and to return with pleasure to Lisa Fruit Shop r n r nHave Fun

Facebook Twitter Play Lisa Fruit Shop Game

Astro Jump

Soar high up in the caves to help Astro Boy escape Hit gems to boost yourself up and collect specials such as the rocket and the magnet to blast yourself even higher

Facebook Twitter Play Astro Jump Game

Final Night

Your town is in attack by zombies but no one is willing to fight back It s up to you to blast the zombies and protect your loved ones Collect new guns ammunition and health packs on your mission to rid of the undead

Facebook Twitter Play Final Night Game

Grinning Cobossus

Grinning Cobossus is a shmup that only consists of one epic boss fight but it features 3 difficulty modes survival mode 12 achievements to earn and a lot of fun br br Instructions br br Mouse move mouse controls br Left mouse button Shoot mouse controls br WASD arrows move keyboard controls br X L shoot keyboard controls br F toogle autofire br K toggle keyboard controls br Space P Pause br M mute all sounds

Facebook Twitter Play Grinning Cobossus Game

Halloween Real Fighting

Halloween is coming We decided to have fun by making this Halloween Real Fighting game Try it you will also have a lot of fun

Facebook Twitter Play Halloween Real Fighting Game

Golden Headshot

In this game you are taking the role of a brave and skilled sniper who are given the task r n r nof killing terrorists Try your best to complete your mission

Facebook Twitter Play Golden Headshot Game

Weekend in Paris

Fun Dressup in Paris

Facebook Twitter Play Weekend in Paris Game

Scary Halloween Cake

Delicious Halloween cake is tempting Do you want to cook a special one by yourself Three cake models for you to choose then you can decorate it with cute Miss pumpkin abhorrent witch terrible castle and so on Take action you can make the best Halloween cake and bring a great surprise

Facebook Twitter Play Scary Halloween Cake Game

DD Golden Headshot

br In this game you are taking the role of a brave and skilled sniper who are given the task br br of killing terrorists Try your best to complete your mission

Facebook Twitter Play DD Golden Headshot Game

Emo Baby

Dress Up this cute baby with Variety of Emo clothes and accessories Have a fun to play this game

Facebook Twitter Play Emo Baby Game

Jennifer Lopez Makeover

Welcome to the fashion industry here you will have to take care of different celebrities Today you can give Jennifer Lopez a new makeover so she can look beautiful on stage where she will perform her new single to her fans Don t let her get on the scene without a cute makeup and a corresponding dress up

Facebook Twitter Play Jennifer Lopez Makeover Game

Math Game - Addition

Practice your math skills

Facebook Twitter Play Math Game - Addition Game

Find Words

Find the given words on a 12x12 word grid Words can be placed horizontally vertically and diagonally Click and Drag to mark a word Find all words within the time limit to advance to the next level

Facebook Twitter Play Find Words Game

Bunny\'s Adventure

Adventures of a rabbit in the mysterious world Help a rabbit to cross the canyon on clouds and to run on a lawn collecting vegetables and evading from eagles

Facebook Twitter Play Bunny\'s Adventure Game

Medieval Bomber

p There are 20 levels 5 bonuses 7 enemy types p

Facebook Twitter Play Medieval Bomber Game

Hair Rooney

Wayne Rooney hair transplant simulator

Facebook Twitter Play Hair Rooney Game

Medieval Escape 12

Medieval Escape 12 is a point and click escape game developed by Adham Jaber and sponsored by Cafe Cafe Games You are trapped in a Medieval Castle and you need to find objects and clues in order to escape

Facebook Twitter Play Medieval Escape 12 Game

Zombie Quiz

Test your knowledge about everyone s favorite mindless undead

Facebook Twitter Play Zombie Quiz Game

Maximum Frustration‏

Can you pass the 15 levels without smashing your screen

Facebook Twitter Play Maximum Frustration‏ Game

Pretty Princess Bedroom

Gemma s family moves to a beautiful place Pretty girl Gemma is busy with decorating her bedroom She is very happy because she can choose her favorite furniture First select pretty wall paper Cute bed pretty table and chair sweet lamps and nice window curtains design a perfect and original princess bedroom

Facebook Twitter Play Pretty Princess Bedroom Game

Treasure Chase

p It was a beautiful sunny day You are walking on the street and heard the latest news on the radio The Central Museum is robbed Unique treasures of Caribbean sea pirates are stolen And suddenly you found a gold coin lying on the edge of the pavement Here it is The treasure is somewhere near On the other side of the street you saw an another coin and realized that it s time to act Enjoy an interesting adventure full of hazards On your way there will be the city streets dark forests rivers and trains but no one barrier will stand in front of you p

Facebook Twitter Play Treasure Chase Game

Alp Truck 2

Get ready for the second version of Alp Truck Choose your truck and race through the different levels to unlock new parts for the truck Try to find the best settings and beat the highscore

Facebook Twitter Play Alp Truck 2 Game

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