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Sticky Ninja Missions

Sticky Ninja has completed his training and must now pay off his student debts as a Bunty hunter cleaning up the sticky city streets

Facebook Twitter Play Sticky Ninja Missions Game

Run 3

Run skate float bounce and or jump your way through even more space tunnels Don 8217 t worry if they fall apart on you repairing them is someone else 8217 s job

Facebook Twitter Play Run 3 Game

Dusk Drive

Recapture the thrill of 80s arcades in this retro tribute to OutRun Race through 10 different evening stages choosing your own route as you go to reach 4 different endings Draft behind traffic to build up turbo Unlock new difficulty levels Upgrade your car so that you can tackle higher difficuly levels and score massive points Free Android version also available https play google com store apps details id air com turbonuke duskdrive

Facebook Twitter Play Dusk Drive Game


Play Tweet Match

Have fun while playing with little cute birds swapping and matching three or more of them rnrnGet a higher score to step to the next level and gain more time and have one more minute as a bonus rnrnThe star blows away the entire row and column and the bomb blows away everything around them rnrnWhite stripes over the butterflies blow away vertically or horizontally the entire row or column

Facebook Twitter Play Play Tweet Match Game

Monster Cube Crush

Click on the groups of three or more identical blocks to remove them of the board and score points Click on the bombs to be able to remove the blocks of the same color as the bomb Free mode and Level mode

Facebook Twitter Play Monster Cube Crush Game

Match Jong

Match your way through numerous levels in this exciting puzzle adventure br Take on this colorful Matching game alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score br br Match Jong features br Easy and fun to play challenging to master br 4 different locations with numerous levels br Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors br 2 difficulty modes br Bright and attractive graphics br Relaxing sound effects

Facebook Twitter Play Match Jong Game

Kitchen Match Mania

You re bored in the kitchen and you try to enjoy yourself while playing with cute food icons trying to match 3 ore more of the same type rnrnTIPS rnrnThe cross blows away the entire row and column rnBombs blow away everything around them rnWhite stripes over them blow away vertically or horizontally the entire row or column rnrnInstructions rnrnUse your mouse to match 3 or more food icons and release them

Facebook Twitter Play Kitchen Match Mania Game

Play Taste Match

Have a nice smile on your face while playing this awesome match 3 game developed by LetsPlayGirls comrnrnMatch three four or even more cupcakes to release them and get points and different bonuses rnrn Bombs blow away everything around them rnrn Present box blows away the entire row and column rnrn Yellow stripes blow away vertically or horizontally the entire row or column rnrnThe most important thing is that you get one more minute together with each level upgrade so this game becomes an unlimited one rn

Facebook Twitter Play Play Taste Match Game

Bubble Shooter Balloons

Bubble shooter balloons includes the best features of a bubble shooter game as well as challenging levels One must complete a level in the allowed time The sooner you complete the level the higher you will get a score

Facebook Twitter Play Bubble Shooter Balloons Game

Pajama Boy 3

Pajama Boy is coming back to his home town after long wandering and dangerous adventures However a horrible strange power that can control the metal destroyed the city the inhabitants and Pajama boy s family are held hostages Only he can save them

Facebook Twitter Play Pajama Boy 3 Game

Toy Car Racing

Toy Car Racing is a skill based racing game which creates a exciting flavor on traditional racing br Press left mouse button to decide the direction of car br Keep it pressed until you reach at desired booster level br Release at any time the car will move towards the selected direction with boosted power br your goal is to reach at complete line before your opponent reaches there br

Facebook Twitter Play Toy Car Racing Game


Butterfly Match Mania

This game celebrates the spring and summer happyness mood with their cute butterflies warm colors and lovely music Try to match three or more lonely butterflies and make them fly together in the sky rnrnGet a higher score to step to the next level and gain more time and have one more minute as a bonus rnrnThe star blows away the entire row and column and the bomb blows away everything around them rnrnWhite stripes over the butterflies blow away vertically or horizontally the entire row or column

Facebook Twitter Play Butterfly Match Mania Game

Donuts Taste Mania

Play this yummy donuts game offered by LetsPlayGirls com website in which your mission is to connect three or more donuts of the same type to get more points and surprises rnrn The star blows the entire row and column rnrn Bombs blow away everything around them rnrn White stripes over the donuts blow away vertically or horizontally the entire row or column

Facebook Twitter Play Donuts Taste Mania Game

Deluxe Connecting

This is a classic items connecting Board Game In this game you need to clear the board by connecting identical item pairs Each time you connect 2 items they will be removed from the board While connecting you must obey a simple rule which says that both items must be connected via a line which should not have more than 2 turns In other words the path of connection between 2 identical Items must not contain more than 2 turns

Facebook Twitter Play Deluxe Connecting Game

Match 3 - Present Box Saga

Match 3 Present Box Saga is an unlimited game developed by LetsPlayGirls com where 5 present boxes shaped are the center piece rnrnEnjoy yourself while trying to get a higher score to step to the next level and gain more time and have one more minute as a bonus rnrnThe star blows away the entire row and column and the bomb blows away everything around them rnrnWhite stripes over the present boxes away vertically or horizontally the entire row or column

Facebook Twitter Play Match 3 - Present Box Saga Game

Match 3 A New Challenge

This is a special matching game where you need to move animal images from one place to another to get a horizontal or vertical line of 3 identical animals An animal will move only if it finds a path from its current place to destination place br Playing this is very simple just click an animal to select it now click a possible destination the selected animal reach there If this move makes a vertical or horizontal line of 3 identical animals you will get points Use lesser moves to get higher points br

Facebook Twitter Play Match 3 A New Challenge Game

Gastro Run

p Are you ready to go on an adventure where you ll have to proove your Intestinal Fortitude Cuz if you are here is GASTRO RUN In Gastro Run you ll face a deadly hoard of Ameobas who s only goal is to destoy you You must run jump and roll your way to victory Do you have what it takes to make it out in the end Or will you just be the cause of someones agony Find out today in GASTRO RUN p

Facebook Twitter Play Gastro Run Game

Quick Ninja

Collect stars avoiding obstacles and speed Your ninja needs to collect maximum number of stars

Facebook Twitter Play Quick Ninja Game

Inflatable Basterds

You ve been suspended from school Find a way back in by fighting out a personal vendetta with your school principal rnCollect a maximum of three stars in each level apart from the fist level Spend stars on buying steroids pills to become bigger faster and stronger rnYou don t have to collect all stars to be able to finish the game

Facebook Twitter Play Inflatable Basterds Game

Ice Smash

p The sudden Ice blast has frozen the lake and its inhabitants Mamma Tortoise is in search of her babies and found them all frozen to ice She is determined to free them all by smashing the ice p p Instructions p p Click on the Mamma Tortoise and drag in any direction to aim and power up Mamma Tortoise Release the mouse to sent her spinning towards her targets Beware of the other dangerous animals If you hit them you will loose a life If either Mamma or the kid tortoise hits the hole the game will be over p

Facebook Twitter Play Ice Smash Game

Sea bursters

p span style line height 16 8999996185303px The sea is in danger They are organ thefts and they are stealing shells and fins using them as weapons to conquer the oceans br span p rn p Use your skills with the mouse and keyboard to burst the evil bubbles in this arcade shooter game p rn p Shoot with mouse holding the left click br Collect shiny bubbles to level up and get skill points br Get upgrades and equipments br Use your special abilities with number buttons 1 to 6 p rn p Use WASD or Arrows to move br Pause with spacebar p

Facebook Twitter Play Sea bursters Game

Deluxe Math Test

Deluxe math test is a challenging and entertaining free math game with real time high scoring system It includes addition subtraction division and multiplication sums which you need to solve to win This game will enhance your math skills and derives a lot of fun

Facebook Twitter Play Deluxe Math Test Game

Planet Journey

p Your space ship has entered alien space All the aliens out there are eager to catch you if you alter from your path They are also releasing projectile stones to hit you Avoid hitting the aliens or their projectiles and last as long as you can p

Facebook Twitter Play Planet Journey Game

Pilgrim Turkeys Escape

A small pilgrim boy lost his favorite turkey and his water mill is not working properly The small boy needs your help to solve the puzzles and find the turkey All the best

Facebook Twitter Play Pilgrim Turkeys Escape Game

Santa Claus Gift Escape

A small is sleeping surprise him and bring the happiness in his face by offering a gift along with Santa Claus on the Christmas day Santa Claus is waiting with his gift Now it s your time help Santa to reach the boy by solve the puzzles Merry Christmas

Facebook Twitter Play Santa Claus Gift Escape Game

Cooking Academy Donut

Everyone loves donuts right Now you can make sweet and soft donuts all by yourself First find all ingredients from the cupboard After the dough is thoroughly kneaded roll it out with the rolling pin and use the shape cutter to cut out your donuts Now place your donuts in the fryer and fry it until it becomes crispy and golden brown Make it exactly what you want your donuts to be with its frosted deliciousness sprinkles and fruit filling or fruit toppings

Facebook Twitter Play Cooking Academy Donut Game

Circus Carnival Escape

You and your pet dog are very close friends Because he can do whatever you ask and unique in his behavior where no other dog has so it is attracts many people One day your enemy kidnapped your favorite dog and kept it inside the circus and tries to use it for circus You cannot live without him Now you have to rescue your favorite pet from the circus by help the monkey and solve the puzzle

Facebook Twitter Play Circus Carnival Escape Game

Rosetta Spaceship Escape

You got an opportunity to visit space you are enjoying the trip but unfortunately your spaceship was got struck and not working properly Along with scientist help them to find some interesting puzzles so that you can able to give the signals and come back to earth

Facebook Twitter Play Rosetta Spaceship Escape Game

Skill Mini Golf Egypt

Play mini golf in the Egyptian pyramids Play the classic game with cool obstacles like moving walls and warp zones Features 18 holes for one or two players

Facebook Twitter Play Skill Mini Golf Egypt Game

Rootbeer Slider 3D

Slide a Rootbeer Mug through 3d mazes and collect coins and stars Make the best shot by bouncing the mug off walls and landing it on the finish line Collect all the stars to unlock new levels

Facebook Twitter Play Rootbeer Slider 3D Game

Juicy Bazooka

Revenge is a dish best served NOW It s time to get crazy with your brand new Juicy Bazooka

Facebook Twitter Play Juicy Bazooka Game

Battalion Landing

Battalion Landing is a funny skill game you have to save the zombie skydivers Make sure that these zombies do not hit the cutters Each level will become more difficult can you save these zombies Save more to earn more score

Facebook Twitter Play Battalion Landing Game

Game with Bugs

p Squish the bugs and get a high score br But there are not only insect bugs br Can you discover the bugs in the game and use them in your advantage to obtain a high record p p Use the mouse tap the screen to squish the bugs p

Facebook Twitter Play Game with Bugs Game

Las Vegas Nudgathon Slots

Las Vegas Nudgathon Slots Game Store Nudges and Win Multiple Times br New Random Nudges and Random Holds br Store Nudges and Win Multiple Times br Match 3 Fruit or Lucky 7 s across the Middle Line to Win br Funky Awesome Soundtrack br Fruit 1275 Coins br Lucky 7 s 3000 Bonus Coins br Bonus Jackpots Coin Display Bank Real Slot Machine Sound FX br Exit on Back Button or Menu br Unlimited Spins Unlimited Play Start with 5000 Coins and Play Forever br No In App Purchases No Permissions Required

Facebook Twitter Play Las Vegas Nudgathon Slots Game

Dave\'s Dream

Dave s dev dream of making an amazing game for the MeatlyJam gamejam gets squashed when his boss finds out what he s been doing at work all this time br br Now depressed Dave is lost in his own dream br br Controls br br Control with mouse br R Restart br ESC Back to main menu br br This game is inspired by films like Groundhog Day Edge of Tomorrow and Back to the Future It was produced in 2 days for MeatlyJam using assets from http www meatlyjam com gameassets br br WARNING The game contains depiction of suicide so be careful if you re sensitive about the subject br br br br ForeverJam MeatlyJam

Facebook Twitter Play Dave\'s Dream Game


The year is 1969 The USA is locked in a race to the moon with the USSR The outcome of this race will decide the future of the entire planet and it s winner will gain the upper hand in the ongoing Cold War rnrnChoose a side and work on upgrading your rocket until it is fit to reach the moon

Facebook Twitter Play Space-Race Game

Mahjong Underwater

The Underwater Mahjong flash thinking game is very br simple to play Match pairs of identical tiles to remove br them of the the stage and reveal unlock the tiles under br or next to them The game is over when you have no more br identical tiles or you removed all tiles from the stage br If you are stuck click on the shake button to shake br the board a little bit

Facebook Twitter Play Mahjong Underwater Game

Wake up Sheeple

This game involves a group of humans trying to reach a safe zone while avoiding the zombies which aim to bite the humans and make them zombies too br br The humans are dumb and need the player s help The player can place and delete various types of blocks in the environment Each block type has it s own effect such as acting as a wall to block the path of zombies or causing humans to jump over obstacles br br The player can pause and resume the movement of the humans and zombies at any time At the end of each round the player is scored based on the percentage of human survivors

Facebook Twitter Play Wake up Sheeple Game

Mars Colony TD

The humans have finally established a settlement on Mars But the red planet wasn t safe as aliens come to destroy the colony Place defense towers to stop the invasion

Facebook Twitter Play Mars Colony TD Game


A fast paced arcade shooter game in which you control a group of spiders to shoot down flying creatures of darkness with your lightning strikes

Facebook Twitter Play bioDigit Game

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