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Messy Factory

What a Mess Can you bring some order to this factory

Facebook Twitter Play Messy Factory Game

Drop n Run

Welcome to Drop n Run Where using your Intelligence Dexterity and Move Speed you fight to survive In Drop n Run you are going to find what seems to be never ending obstacles that are trying to make your adventure a short one Walk jump and blow your way through obstacles to collect coins and show that your adventure was an EPIC one br

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Bubble Pop Chain

Bubble Pop flash fun skill game Pop as many bubbles as possible with one mouse click Place the red bubble anywhere on the screen and click to pop it and all bubbles that touch it will pop up as well Pop as many bubbles as needed in each level to advance to the next level

Facebook Twitter Play Bubble Pop Chain Game

Valiant Knight Save The Princess

One valiant knight goes to an abandoned castle on the way will have to solve challenging puzzles fight against enemies and collect the scattered coins

Facebook Twitter Play Valiant Knight Save The Princess Game

The Sun for the Vampire 2: Monster\'s Castle

p Sequel to the physics puzzle platformer about vampire who wants to see the Sun p

Facebook Twitter Play The Sun for the Vampire 2: Monster\'s Castle Game

Emma: Zombie Defense

Zombies are coming Don t let them reach Emma s barn Based on Kienan Lafferty s comic Emma

Facebook Twitter Play Emma: Zombie Defense Game

Golden Pumpkin Escape

Find all the clues and objects carefully hidden navigate between different rooms and collect all founded objects br Match all the objects find the correctly combinations and solve all the puzzles with the clues br Good Luck

Facebook Twitter Play Golden Pumpkin Escape Game


This is a logic game You will have to decide how to interact cactus and ball iron and magnet and much more Enjoy the game Genre puzzlernControls mouse

Facebook Twitter Play Babylon Game

Boxing Live

p There have never been this kind of boxing game in the web br Create your boxer earn ratings by training battle the strongest boxers and change your weight class and be a true champion p p Experience p p Real life commentator p p Real life training p p Fight Night like stamina and health system p p Enhance rating attribute changes in gameplay p p 6 title belts to unlock p p Create different kinds of your dream boxer p p p p p p img src http i imgur com mCwz1CG png alt width 600 height 368 img src http i imgur com cMMWXhj png alt width 600 height 370 img src http i imgur com oXHVhEm png alt width 600 height 367 img src http i imgur com OcwiFiq png alt width 600 height 365 img src http i imgur com IyuUDXG png alt width 600 height 366 img src http i imgur com YlGEH9a png alt width 600 height 367 img src http i imgur com tk6shI0 png alt width 600 height 366 img src http i imgur com 2qVVQHb png alt width 600 height 370 img src http i imgur com NPWabHE png alt width 600 height 367 p p Instruction p p arrow keys or wasd to punch p p ctrl to haymaker p p space to shield p p p p p p p

Facebook Twitter Play Boxing Live Game

Penguin Adventure 3

Penguin Adventure 3 is a very interesting adventure game Penguin lovers love eating fish To eat their favorite fish penguins start a holy new adventure The journey is full of troubles Please help cute penguins rnPlayer1 AD to move W to jump S to drop weapon J to kick Space to switch weapon rnPlayer1 Left and Right Key to move Up key to jump Down key to drop weapon 1 to kick Space to switch weapon

Facebook Twitter Play Penguin Adventure 3 Game


Experience hectic fast paced platforming and target shooting in Geote Clear the targets as quickly as possible while navigating challenging levels Don t be afraid to die as even death doesn t break the action of the game br br A D or Arrrow Keys to move W Up or Space to jump Mouse to fire

Facebook Twitter Play Geote Game

Mr. Splibox

2nd PLACE WINNER ON FGL 72 Hour Game Jam br Funny platformer about Mr Splibox He can split himself and create spliboxes who help him in his adventures br Controls AD or Arrow key move br W or Up create clone br S or Down Remove last clone br M mute br R restart br P pause

Facebook Twitter Play Mr. Splibox Game

Poseidon Shoot

p Poseidon is king of sea he can shoot dart and waves to beat enemies earning more coins to upgrade his powers and defeat bosses p rn p Instructions p rn p Mouse Move Poseidon Move p rn p No mouse Click Poseidon shoot the dart autolly p rn p Left Mouse Click shoot wave Power p rn p Right Mouse Click Shoot the Bomb p rn p Keyboard M Mute sound p rn p Keyboard P pause the game p rn p strong big the coin Setting is 9999999999 for sponsor check big strong p rn p strong big you can upgrade poseidon power on shop for easy check big strong p rn p p rn p strong img src https lh5 googleusercontent com lQ8uKYYWBg U8yybawPEmI AAAAAAAAAbI KGxdI1R7gnQ w719 h479 no screen4 png alt width 719 height 479 strong p rn p strong img src https lh6 googleusercontent com 3RhewDlylBY U8yycaloNGI AAAAAAAAAbU _KUVcDU0OfM w719 h479 no screen5 png alt width 719 height 479 strong p rn p strong img src https lh6 googleusercontent com Uaj8eRm0Lpc U8yyc5q6uWI AAAAAAAAAbY HbKPAbVbQN8 w719 h479 no screen6 png alt width 719 height 479 strong p rn p strong img src https lh4 googleusercontent com JyBpbDqYnf0 U8yydme5RaI AAAAAAAAAbg ZBsgvORzjLY w719 h479 no screen8 png alt width 719 height 479 strong p rn p strong img src https lh6 googleusercontent com XpzVoF5M_58 U8yyedAocdI AAAAAAAAAbo FfCOqSDaNws w719 h479 no screen9 png alt width 719 height 479 strong p rn p strong img src https lh5 googleusercontent com v3KF 6wIktw U8yyZk5QgFI AAAAAAAAAa0 z6etWTXVlOc w719 h479 no screen10 png alt width 719 height 479 strong p rn p p rn p p rn p p

Facebook Twitter Play Poseidon Shoot Game

Counter Striker

Join the cross platform of the first person shooter and find out what really means to be a brave soldier in a cold shooting war Explore unique maps and find the enemies in order to shoot them all The game provide fighting style where you can choose different normal guns or heavy guns for a precise shootout Find your sniper spot and get ready to meet your adversary Shoot the enemies before they get to close otherwise you will face a bullet in your head Be in control or your own army team and show us that you are ready for this shooting game challenge

Facebook Twitter Play Counter Striker Game

Terrorist Shootout

Find the terrorist walking with civilians Aim them using mouse Press level mouse button to kill them In each level you must have to kill a required number of terrorist In each level you must make a require number of score For each kill you will get a reward of 500 points Each time a terrorist passes alive your reward point for each kill will be reduced by 50 points Each time you kill a civilian your reward point will be reduced by 100 If your reward point becomes 0 before you reach to target score you must retry that level

Facebook Twitter Play Terrorist Shootout Game

SL Jungle Pinball Game

p SL Jungle Pinball Game 3D Pinball Machine with Realistic SFX Arrows to Move Flippers Spacebar New Ball Up and Down Arrows for Faster Flippers Arrows for Slower Flippers p

Facebook Twitter Play SL Jungle Pinball Game Game

Bubble Popper

Bubble Popper fun puzzle game for you Pop some bubbles and have fun 3 bubbles of the same color in line to pop them up If you left to many bubbles on the screen and no more moves matches available you lose the game 1 levels

Facebook Twitter Play Bubble Popper Game

Dungeon Stone

A wizard has challenged you to complete a series of puzzles Complete all the puzzles to win a magical prize from the wizard

Facebook Twitter Play Dungeon Stone Game

Sea Fishing

Sea fishing is the fishing lures simulator is the best way to relax beautiful landscape relaxing sound will compliment you a great deal of positive impressions and raise your spirits

Facebook Twitter Play Sea Fishing Game

Costume Kid

p Pick a costume suit up and fend off an onslaught of costumed kids Upgrade your weapons knock the gear right off of them and make them cry Shooting or melee attacks will do the trick p

Facebook Twitter Play Costume Kid Game

Cleans The Parliament

p Support for Direct Election more incentive after the charment of parliament s hammer knock that election now is indirect p p so that Madfal Studio create game br br Title nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Cleans The Parliament br Genre nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Casual br Description User have to take the parlement member who become a Rat Corruptor red to jail them in KPK s cell better drop with similar color for wealth of the country that stolen by Rat can be taken back br br Feature br We add Link for sign petition DukungPilkadaLangsung from perludem rumahpemilu br Share via facebook and twitter br Trofi meme indonesia every level score P p

Facebook Twitter Play Cleans The Parliament Game

Makeover Beauty Salon

The autumn is coming and every girl needs skin protection The same thing happens to princess Mia she takes a day off and she goes to the beauty salon to get a fresh look for the upcoming autumn First she starts with a face treatment and to make this day memorable she goes for a hair treatment and a complete hair makeover You are going to love the new look of Mia after playing this game Try all the hair styles and discover bonus accessories Enjoy br

Facebook Twitter Play Makeover Beauty Salon Game

Super Space Drifter

p So here you are drifting endlessly and aimlessly through space But wait Space is filled with indestructible rocks and things that shoot at you So will you be able to survive a drift through the endless perils of space Probably not but hopefully you will last longer than 10 seconds p

Facebook Twitter Play Super Space Drifter Game

My sweet fish

Your little fish deserve a cute decoration Give the fish a colourful environment

Facebook Twitter Play My sweet fish Game

SL Marvelous Maze

p SL Marvelous Maze Move Mouse Sound FX and Visual Elements Included p

Facebook Twitter Play SL Marvelous Maze Game

Ball Kicker

Ball Kicker fun sport game for boys and girls Kick the ball as far as possible Try to avoid birds but try to get stars logos and harts

Facebook Twitter Play Ball Kicker Game

Very Pretty Girl Dress Up

Today our beautiful girls going to a birthday party friends come to this lovely beautiful girl to dress up and let small partners who shines it

Facebook Twitter Play Very Pretty Girl Dress Up Game

Track Racer

This game is all about testing your driving skills in a bird view track setting It features tracks with well designed curves so that you feel challenged while playing To win you have to finish all three tracks as fast as possible with your super sports car br

Facebook Twitter Play Track Racer Game

Fruit Cocktail

Swap fruits to make matches of three or more of the same type

Facebook Twitter Play Fruit Cocktail Game

Flight of the hamsters

Click your mouse button to start the hamster in motion When the hamster lines up with the pillow click again to launch the hamster While flying click and hold your mouse button to use Glide Power Grab items to keep the hamster in the air for as long as possible

Facebook Twitter Play Flight of the hamsters Game

Red Block Attack

Only mouse needed Your mission is simple Destroy as much red blocks you can before the time runs out Basic Intructions Making combos give you extra time Do not collide with the blue blocks they are nice guys Watch out for missles You can tweet your best score when the game ends

Facebook Twitter Play Red Block Attack Game

Piano 2

Play around and have fun learning Numbers from 1 to 10 and more fun stuff to play for free

Facebook Twitter Play Piano 2 Game

Robot Revolt

The secret base of a legendary space outlaw is overseen by an Advanced AI Play as the M A R Bots who have been declared hostile by the AI and must defend against combat droids sent to destroy them

Facebook Twitter Play Robot Revolt Game

SL Marvel Pinball

p SL Marvel Pinball br Start Click Screen br New Ball Space Bar or Mouse br Green Lights Fire Ball Back at Flippers br Earth Lights 50 Points br Back Bonus 200 Points br 5 Ball Loses Game Over p

Facebook Twitter Play SL Marvel Pinball Game

Flash Piano

Play piano and have fun Mouse to play or keyboard rn1 2 3 4 5 6 and p o i u for effects rn

Facebook Twitter Play Flash Piano Game

Elventales: The Arcanery

In a certain elf realm there is an old belief A great kingdom shall rise from a great army and a great army emerged from the power of the chosen people br br It has been a hereditary tradition whoever wishes for joining the army shall pass the seclusion They are exiled down into a dungeon full of wicked creatures and enigmatic maze br br Any exiled warriors passed the seclusion shall have the honor to join the army br br YOU LL EXPERIENCE br challenging dungeon br unique enemies br deadly skills and buffs br various weapons and combos br br HOW TO PLAY br movement using W A S D or ARROW KEY br attack using Mouse Click R or J br grab item or access object using E or K br br PS Any key can be modified easily in Setting Window

Facebook Twitter Play Elventales: The Arcanery Game

Tic Tac Bottom

Get three starfish in a row horizontal vertical or diagonal before the computer gets three blowfish in a row

Facebook Twitter Play Tic Tac Bottom Game

Blitzkrieg - Multiplayer War 2

Blitzkrieg Multiplayer War is a turn based multiplayer simulation strategy game br br br Instructions br br br Watch the tutorial for visual help on how to play br br br Game Objectives br br br Blitzkrieg Multiplayer War is a turn based game br br Your objective is to take all cities C with your army br br You draw your BATTLE LINE with the pencil tool br br Press Ready and your entire army will move to your BATTLE LINE br br br Strategy br br br Important keep your line connected to your cities C The more cities the better up to 4 br br Your BATTLE LINE must be connected to your cities for your armies to have any effect br br Tiny black dots indicate your army is connected to your cities and is effective br br You also need to own resources R br br br Tools br br br Pencil Draws your battle destination line br br Eraser Erases parts of your line br br Clear X clears all your lines br br Ready Starts your army moving red line controls locked br br br Advice br br br Cut off your enemy s armies from their cities to make them ineffective br br Ensure your line is not too long and your army too thin watch the destination gap size

Facebook Twitter Play Blitzkrieg - Multiplayer War 2 Game

SL Penny Drop

p Stop the Pennies from Dropping br to Earn Points br Spacebar or Mouse Click Start br Arrows Move Bat br Spacebar or Mouse Click More Pennies br More Pennies More Points br 10 Coin Losses Game Over p

Facebook Twitter Play SL Penny Drop Game

Street Race 3 - Cruisin

With over 12 million plays combined Street Race and Street Race Nitro were both huge hits with racing fans For this new instalment I ve taken the best of both games and distilled the pure essence of racing goodness rnAll four cars and eight tracks have been extensively tweaked to give an excellent racing feel and difficulty curve throughout rnTo freshen things up the cars are convertibles this time around but they re still extremely shiny

Facebook Twitter Play Street Race 3 - Cruisin Game

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