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Amazing Escape The North Pole

While trying to fall asleep you heard some bells You went to check out the sound and found a small elf The elf saw you and snapped his fingers The next thing you know you are at the north pole Now you have to find a way to escape

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Amazing Escape The Island

You were surfing off the coast and hit a gnarly wave All was well until a massive shark ate your board for lunch Somehow you washed up on this strange island It s time you wake up and try to escape so you can go catch another wave

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Climb and jump between buildings to avoid obstacles and fire Try to get higher and pick up coins to improve your heroes skills rnrnrnINSTRUCTIONS rnJump to avoid obstacles and fire and collect coins to improve your heroes skills in the game shop

Facebook Twitter Play Fire&Smoke Game

SL World Cup Tank Shoot Out

p SL World Cup Tank br Shoot Out p br p Score as many Goals as you can br before Army Helicopter Shoots You Down br Arrows Aim br Spacebar Strike br Mouse Start p br p 5 Helicopter Hits Game Over p

Facebook Twitter Play SL World Cup Tank Shoot Out Game

Crush Kiss Love

Play this delicious game by swapping and matching candies of the same color and shape rnrnThe melodious background music will catch you into this awesome game which has a lot of various levels nice bonuses and excelent graphics rnrnCollect the bomb and the pink star to destroy all candies vertically or horizontally rnrnDo not forget about the timer which shows how much time is left rnrnGood Luck and Have Fun

Facebook Twitter Play Crush Kiss Love Game

Escape Work

You are bored at your job and want to go to the gym Try to sneak away without coworkers or your boss noticing

Facebook Twitter Play Escape Work Game

Creature Party

Fun and addicting collapse game with monsters

Facebook Twitter Play Creature Party Game

Waiting hero

Your hero fight against monster automatically However you can help him be clicking on monsters and collecting loot Your help will be necessary at the begining but after you train him he will manage to survive on his own br br You can craft items and improve your hero attributes with collected items and recipes from treasure chests

Facebook Twitter Play Waiting hero Game

Missile Defense

Protect your planet from falling meteors and attacking aliens Build and upgrade your base complete all 20 levels Use the mouse to aim and shoot In between the levels you can buy bases and turrets Build and upgrade strategically or your bases will be crushed br

Facebook Twitter Play Missile Defense Game

Football A New Challenge

In this game you need to draw a shortest path for ball to make a successful goal Click the player Yellow dot to pass the ball to him The ball will travel to clicked player The opponent player can also pick the ball while it is travelling towards the selected player Your goal is to send the ball towards goal post without any interruption of opponent players

Facebook Twitter Play Football A New Challenge Game

Bubble Shooter Exclusive

Boost your gaming power with exclusive powerups unlimited game play Auto Saving A must play package for bubble shooter lovers

Facebook Twitter Play Bubble Shooter Exclusive Game

Princess Great Makeover

A very famous princess will be waiting for you in this makeover game and you will have to make her look amazing as she wants to clear her skin get a new make up and some good looking clothes rnUse the mouse to interact

Facebook Twitter Play Princess Great Makeover Game

Jumbo Run

Jump over the gaps and keep walking as long as you can You will start with 20 energy points each jump will cost 1 energy point Collect bones to gain energy Catch the wings bubble to fly

Facebook Twitter Play Jumbo Run Game

Vecor Cannon

Use a big turret to protect your planet from the colorful invading vectors Use the mouse to aim and shoot hit satellites to unlock power ups in the form of different types of bullets

Facebook Twitter Play Vecor Cannon Game

Lost in Flowers

Lost in flowers is a standard Match 3 game where the player tries to get the both lost lover nearby In order to do this he must swap the lover with regular match 3 items On valid match the lover will come near or go away to its partner One must try to get them near only There will be a power where you can force the swap This will be indicated after each 10 successful matches The early you get them near you will get more points

Facebook Twitter Play Lost in Flowers Game

Pew Pew 'Em All!

p Meet hordes of dangerous aliens break through five colorful levels to seek and destroy the ultimate space boss Upgrade your ship turrets and engage p

Facebook Twitter Play Pew Pew 'Em All! Game

Knight Slider

Twist the levels KO the goblins get the key and reach the exit in this addictive puzzle action game

Facebook Twitter Play Knight Slider Game

Match My Jelly

The goal of this game is to get a red jelly by getting two of the same number next to each other and add them together rnrnMatch My Jelly is played on a simple 4x4 grid and there are 4 types of jellies violet green yellow and red rnrnThe score is displayed in the upper right part of the screen and it starts at zero and is incremented whenever two jellies of the same number combine rnrnPay attention that when there aren t any legal moves left no empty spaces and no adjacent similar jellies the game ends

Facebook Twitter Play Match My Jelly Game

Flying Bot

p Flying Bot nbsp nbsp nbsp br br Action physics game br Fly on the balloons through the maze avoiding obstacles br Casual gameplay Very beautiful graphics br Will be interesting to an audience of all ages p p br On the game br Real physics br Destructible environments br The dynamic background br The effect of day and night br A detailed tutorial br 45 levels br More than 20 items br And more br br Screenshots p p img src http www kwakagames com mygames FB img FB_screen_01m jpg alt width 320 height 240 img src http www kwakagames com mygames FB img FB_screen_02m jpg alt width 320 height 240 img src http www kwakagames com mygames FB img FB_screen_03m jpg alt width 320 height 240 img src http www kwakagames com mygames FB img FB_screen_04m jpg alt width 320 height 240 img src http www kwakagames com mygames FB img FB_screen_05m jpg alt width 320 height 240 img src http www kwakagames com mygames FB img FB_screen_06m jpg alt width 320 height 240 p

Facebook Twitter Play Flying Bot Game

The Froggy

Swim and hop your way around the pond eating bugs so you can get to the next pond It s a frog s life This is the exciting world of frogdom

Facebook Twitter Play The Froggy Game

Light in Village

After big storm all houses in a small village are without light Your task is to restore light But when you switch on the lightng of every house neighbour houses also change their state So try to find the correct sequence of operations using your logic br

Facebook Twitter Play Light in Village Game

Turn Based Marine War

This is a shooting game based on angles Control your power and angle by dragging the line and then release to fire your weapon Play through 3 rounds to win the game

Facebook Twitter Play Turn Based Marine War Game

Monsters World Cup Brazil

If Football heads 2014 World Cup game was a game which you had love playing Monsters World Cup Brazil is surely a soccer game you ll find addicting br Not Like Fifa 14 here you re going to have the chance of playing soccer like never before Take the time to discover how fun and easy you can bring the cup home If a football superstar career is what you re looking for here is the tournament you ll definetly want to participate

Facebook Twitter Play Monsters World Cup Brazil Game

JackPotFruit Slot Machine Flash Version 8

p JackPot Fruit Machine Flash Version 8 Spinning Reels br Double or Bust Bonus Jackpots Bank Real Fruit Machine Sound FX p

Facebook Twitter Play JackPotFruit Slot Machine Flash Version 8 Game

Quantum Patrol 2

Welcome to the long awaited sequel Quantum Patrol 2 sponsored by www arcade today br New controls Scheme fly like a lander fight like a shooter with totally new 15 levels br Enjoy

Facebook Twitter Play Quantum Patrol 2 Game

Pumpkin in Basket

Play Pumpkin in Basket fun physics game where the you can draw lines use the fans spring and other objects available to you in order to take the pumpkin to the basket where it belongs you can erase the lines any time if you want by using the erase button The game has fun 15 levels that will keep you engaged Sometimes you need to draw simple lines some times you can use your imagination and draw as you wish each level has its own fun and excitement Enjoy this game by frivog and have fun trying your skills

Facebook Twitter Play Pumpkin in Basket Game


Use your mouse to swim through many obstacles

Facebook Twitter Play FlappyFish Game

The India Princess

Challenge yourself in this India Princess games and help her dress up more pretty than usual rnYou check out her fancy wardrobe and make the best choice in picking up the best clothes accessories shoes and hairstyles She is waiting for you Come on

Facebook Twitter Play The India Princess Game

TV Anchor Beauty

Lisa is so excited of having an TV interview today She needs to make herself look as pretty as much rnHelp her finish her makeup and help her get the right dress for the interview rn

Facebook Twitter Play TV Anchor Beauty Game

Kick The Critter

Once upon a time Noah is a huge jerk and won t let you and other critters on his boat so what s a critter supposed to do Chase him down that s what Build yourself some rad machines and show that old man that you don t mess with Mr Critter

Facebook Twitter Play Kick The Critter Game

Cool Crazy Taxi

In this game you will become the taxi driver to run your car in the city You can earn money by carrying passengers and buy better cars And please be careful any car accident or hitting on passers by will cause loss of money Enjoy this cool car games Have fun

Facebook Twitter Play Cool Crazy Taxi Game

Flying Santa

Santa is on his way to the towns in beautiful Antarctica But the cool breezes with showering ice cubes are making his journey tedious He loses energy so get the divine balls to re fuel his energy

Facebook Twitter Play Flying Santa Game

Titanic Go Go Go

The sink of Titanic makes us so sad But in this game we will change the history and convoy this great ship Can you protect all the people on Titanic and the love between Jack and Rose Have fun

Facebook Twitter Play Titanic Go Go Go Game

Snow White

Snow White Dress in a variety of beautiful dresses Put on the clothes of your favorite cartoon Snow White including her classic dress Put any type of clothing that you want

Facebook Twitter Play Snow White Game

Cargo Retriever

In this new game your task as you might understand from the title is to retrieve cargo This cargo was lost during transport by some of your coworkers The time is limited depending on which difficulty level you choose to play So try to collect all the lost crates before time runs out

Facebook Twitter Play Cargo Retriever Game

Blowing Germs

Blow this little crazy germs and defend the only water source of the forest from the colorful invaders attack br Free the germs by forming groups of three or more similar ones br br Once you start popping the germs you won t want to stop br br Explore ten different levels and earn trophies and more br br Advance to the next level when the percent above the germs is 100 br br Good luck and have fun playing this game

Facebook Twitter Play Blowing Germs Game

Compass car

You have been dispatched to that area in order to collect the treasure by defusing the abnormal bombs and some nukes you can have a compass car which has to move in a direction shown by the compass rnArrow keys to move Drive into the treasures to collect them Follow the arrow for the location of the nearest treasure point you only have a limited amount of time and there are some locals in the area So drive carefully some powerups might help you

Facebook Twitter Play Compass car Game

GGames Escape

You are locked in a house and need to solve puzzles and find items to help you escape

Facebook Twitter Play GGames Escape Game

Van Helsing vs Skeletons

p Help Van Helsing in this cool animation game to clean the dark streets of London Save the little girl and solve all 20 Levels There are 4 types of enemies and a lot of interactive objects Have fun p p strong Instructions strong Use the mouse to shoot the enemies p

Facebook Twitter Play Van Helsing vs Skeletons Game

Rat Maze

Guide a rat through a booby trapped maze hold cheese before its nose to make it walk Collect power ups and different types of food to earn more points Get to the exit safely there are 27 levels to play through and 12 achievement medals to earn

Facebook Twitter Play Rat Maze Game

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