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Dressed up I got all dressed up to go out to a fancy dinner. I realized I didn't have any cigarettes and decided to take a quick walk to the store to get some. On the way a car pulled up and a guy asked me 'How much for an hour?'. Life Expereinces Category This Sucks

Girlfriend My girlfriend recently told me that I should wash more often.. Life Expereinces Category Life in General

GPS gift I recently got a GPS as a gift. I decided to really see what it can do so I drove North out of town. I took a bunch of random roads until I felt I was lost enough.
I went to turn on the GPS only to realize I hadn't packed any batteries. Life Expereinces Category Show it Off

Skip day I had called in sick to go out with some friends I hadn't seen in a while and one I hadn't seen for almost 2 years who was back in town for the week. She told me she getting married and told me her new last name. Oddly it was the same as my bosses, and when I asked if they might be related it turns out to be his uncle. . Life Expereinces Category My Work

DUMPed My girlfriend dumped me after a year and a half.
I didn't know why until one of her friends told me she had filled out an online survey and found we were incompatible
. Life Expereinces Category Love

Date not I was asked on a date by a guy I really like. He asked me to meet him for dinner, I got dressed up and went to meet him. While waiting for him to arrive I recieved a text message, from him. It said April Fools.. Life Expereinces Category Life Sucks

Boyfriend My boyfriend called and said he doesn't know if he should break up with me. I asked why and he said he just doesn't know.. Life Expereinces Category Love

Car park I was returning home from work and found a car parked in my parking spot. I ended up parking in the visitors parking and then walked by and spit several times on the car in my spot.
Upon walking through the door my wife ran to greet me and said my parents dropped by to show us their new car, they parked in your spot I hope you don't mind.. Life Expereinces Category Life in General

Wedding day I picked up my new wife and wanted to walk her through the hotel door on our honeymoon. I didn't turn sideways and rammed her head, breaking her nose in the door frame.
It was a really bad honeymoon after that. . Life Expereinces Category It Hurts when

Happy Graduation After thousands of dollars spent on a good University, Years of hard work and effort I'm going to graduate.
Because there are no jobs out there for what I studied I will have to take a minimum wage job. Thanks to the economy.. Life Expereinces Category Life Sucks

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