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Camera Shy I had taken some pictures of my girlfriend almost naked. I had deleted just before I returned my fathers camera. He told me the next day that when I delete pictures to make sure the I purge them completely. . Life Expereinces Category Life Sucks

Car following me I was driving along an unlit road last week, when a car pulled up really close behind me. I gave him the finger and then went from side to side in the lane so he could get the hint. It turned out to be a cop car and he pulled me over for reckless driving.. Life Expereinces Category S**T Happens

Weight loss I told my boyfriend hes stressing me out and I've even lost weight from all the stress.
His response was You're welcome.. Life Expereinces Category Random Rants

Date not I was asked on a date by a guy I really like. He asked me to meet him for dinner, I got dressed up and went to meet him. While waiting for him to arrive I recieved a text message, from him. It said April Fools.. Life Expereinces Category Life Sucks

IQ me I took an IQ test on the internet. I had a friend of mine there to help. We searched in another browser for answers and felt really good about it until we saw the final score. Our score was 73. Life Expereinces Category Random Rants

Trip and Fall Walking to sit down at a table with friends, I accidentally slipped and fell face first into the table.. Life Expereinces Category This Sucks

Parents My parents made me appoligze for saying the word Hell.
Sadly I'm 19 years old, when are they going to ease up.. Life Expereinces Category My Life

College I told my mother I got accepted into several colleges. She threw a surprise party for me and invited all of my friends and a bunch of family members. I don't know when I will tell her that I had made it up.. Life Expereinces Category Brag About it

Checking out girl I pulled into the gas station to fill up and there were some really hot girls in a car next to me.
I got out and was looking at them, filled up my car and smiled.
Then when I went to get back into my car I realized I had locked the keys in the car.
. Life Expereinces Category It Hurts when

Plant window I was opening the window to get some fresh spring air. I had a plant on the window sill, I accidentally knocked it and it fell out. I live on the fourth floor over the sidewalk below.. Life Expereinces Category Show it Off

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