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February 1865 is the only month in recorded history to not have a full moon.

Duracell, the battery-maker, built parts of its new international headquarters using materials from its own waste.

If you shake a can of mixed nuts, the larger ones will rise to the top.

English novelist Arnold Bennet drank a glass of water in a Paris Hotel to prove it was safe. He died two months later of Typhoid!

The word taxi is spelled the same in English, German, French, Swedish and Portuguese.

The name Wendy was made up for the book Peter Pan.

The Chinese ideogram for 'trouble' depicts two women living under one roof.

Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the Sherlock Holmes stories, was an ophthalmologist by profession!

Ted Turner owns about 2% of New Mexico.

The country of Brazil is named after the brazil nut.

Stannous fluoride, which is the cavity fighter found in toothpaste is made from recycled tin.

Baby robins eat 14 feet of earthworms every day!

Only 1% of bacteria cause disease.

In the White House, there are 13,092 knives, forks and spoons!

Whoopi Goldberg’s real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson.

Harrods have three private wells to supply their water!

Only male fireflies can fly.

Cow is a Japanese brand of shaving foam.

It takes 17 muscles to smile, 43 to frown.

90 percent of women who walk into a department store immediately turn to the right.

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