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Random Insults

Hey, how come even though you are still alive your parents are in mourning for you?

You were the answer to a prayer. Your parents prayed that the world would be made to suffer and here you came along.

A day late and a dollar short.

Yours is a prima facie case of ugliness. And your body is ugly, too.

Your so fat when you go to theme parks you get a group discount!

Any friend of yours -- is a friend of yours.

You are so dishonest that I can't even be sure that what you tell me are lies!

You will never be able to live down to your reputation!

Yo momma's so poor she sells beans on toast at carnival

If you can't live without me, why aren't you dead already?

I wish I'd known you when you were alive.

You have a face only a mother could love -- and she hates it!

The stupid person's idea of a clever person.

You're nobody's fool. Let's see if we can get someone to adopt you.

You remind me of the ocean -- you make me sick.

You have nothing to fear from my base instincts; its my finer ones that tell me to kill you.

If I told you that I have a piece of dirt in my eye, would you move?

Your so ugly, your mother had to feed you with a sling shot.

Yo momma like a vacuum cleaner: A real good suck.

Is your name Maple Syrup? - Well, it damn well should be, you sap!

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