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Random Insults

You are so boring that you can't even entertain a doubt.

So, a thought crossed your mind? Must have been a long and lonely journey.

You're acquitting yourself in such a way that no jury ever would.

You should toss out more of your funny remarks; that's all they're good for.

Yo momma like Crazy Eddie: She's practically giving it all away.

A 3.5-inch drive, but data on punch cards.

Hey, how come even though you are still alive your parents are in mourning for you?

Yo momma like a bus: Guys climb on and off her all day long.

Yo momma so nasty when your daddy ate her pussy he got food poisoning.

If you ever had a bright idea, it would be beginner's luck!

If assholes could fly, this place would be an airport

Save your breath...You'll need it to blow up your date.

Hi! I'm a human being! What are you?

We all spring from apes, but you didn't spring far enough.

He is the kind of a man that you could use as a blueprint to build an idiot.

You are as strong as an ox and almost as intelligent.

You are the only person I've ever met whose mind is filthy and sterile at the same time!

Every girl has the right to be ugly, but you abused the privilege!

Your so stupid, that you got fired from the M & M factory for throwing away all the W's.

The wheel is turning but the hamster is definitely dead.

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