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What you find when you shave the striped fur off of a tiger? Striped skin.

The human brain is insensitive to pain.

A roach can live up to nine days without its head.

Turtles can live for more than 100 years.

35,000 people in the U.S. will die from the flu annually.

The first two years of a dog's life are equal to 24 human years.

Liquid TIDE laundry detergent glows under a blacklight.

The number of births that occur in India each year is higher than the entire population of Australia.

It takes five minutes to execute someone in a gas chamber.

It takes a drop of ocean water more than 1,000 years to circulate around the world.

The average car produces a pound of pollution every 25 miles!

According to legend, there’s a Superman in every episode of Seinfeld.

If the population of China walked past you in single file, the line would never end because of the rate of reproduction.

While 7 men in 100 have some form of color blindness, only 1 woman in 1,000 suffers from it.

Approximately 70 percent of the earth is covered by water. Only 1 percent of this water is drinkable.

In West Virginia if you run over an animal, you can legally take it home and cook it for dinner!

One out of 20 people have an extra rib.

In an average lifetime a person will walk the equivalent of three times around the world.

Smokers eat more sugar than non-smokers do.

Over one million stray dogs live in the New York City metropolitan area.

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