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Confucius Say ... A practical nurse is one who marries a wealthy, terminally ill patient.

Confucius Say ... If the washroom upstairs is occupied, there is a hypotenuse.

Confucius Say ... It is impossible to sling mud with clean hands.

Confucius Say ... A friend is someone who thinks you`re a good egg even though you`re slightly cracked.

Confucius Say ... Rudolph was grounded after his dad saw his report card because he went down in history.

Confucius Say ... The best way to make a long story short is to stop listening.

Confucius Say ... The easiest way to find something lost around the house is to buy a replacement.

Confucius Say ... When the chips are down, the buffalo is empty.

Confucius Say ... Woman who loses wedding ring in kitchen, should remove her drawers

Confucius Say ... An Egotist a person more interested in himself than in me.

Confucius Say ... Woman who dance while wearing a jockstrap have make believe ballroom.

Confucius Say ... Misfortune is the kind of fortune that never misses.

Confucius Say ... Dalmatians can`t play hide and seek, because they are always spotted.

Confucius Say ... If all women`s lib activists were laid end to end, it would be the best thing for them.

Confucius Say ... Van Gogh was a painter because he didn`t have an ear for music.

Confucius Say ... Your strength lies in your continued belief that what you just ate was indeed duck.

Confucius Say ... He who stick head in open window, gets pane in neck.

Confucius Say ... An egotist is a person more interested in himself, than in me.

Confucius Say ... A Cannibal is person who likes to see other people stewed.

Confucius Say ... Never cut the rope that can be simply untied.

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