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Confucius Say ... Gay Austrailian man will leave his wife and return to Sydney.

Confucius Say ... A wise man buys his wife fine china, so she won`t trust him to wash it.

Confucius Say ... Amish woman`s secret fantasy is two Mennonite.

Confucius Say ... A relationship is the opportunity to do something you hate with someone you love.

Confucius Say ... Man who look to stale cookie for advice probably make good busboy.Ask waitress for application.

Confucius Say ... Don`t confuse an open mind with one that`s vacant.

Confucius Say ... A Politician is one who shakes your hand before elections and your confidence after.

Confucius Say ... Don`t let your affection give you an infection. Put some protection on that erection.

Confucius Say ... Man who jumps through screen door likely to strain himself.

Confucius Say ... Marriage is like taking a bath... after you`ve been in it for a while, it isn`t so hot.

Confucius Say ... Couple who cross LSD with birth control pills, get a trip without the kids.

Confucius Say ... One cow spying on another cow is called a steak out.

Confucius Say ... The heaviest thing to carry is a grudge.

Confucius Say ... Putting teenager in prison, won`t stop his face from breaking out.

Confucius Say ... Men are like fish... neither would get in trouble if they kept their mouths shut.

Confucius Say ... To ignore the facts, does not change the facts.

Confucius Say ... Woman who fly airplane upside down have crack up

Confucius Say ... Taliban`s national bird is duck

Confucius Say ... Basketball player who marry midget lady will be nuts over her

Confucius Say ... Nurse who goes missing at beach, can be found under the doc.

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